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Westside barbell template working with the standard template by jim wendler for. The two approaches to training are quite similar in that there is no offseason. Relevant posts would include videos, articles, seminars, books, and other sources of information. The super training team is at the end of their program and has taken a change in training styles. About a year and a half ago i was physically and mentally drained from powerlifting. Its a system were you constantly rotate exercises, first coined conjugate system in 1972. Louie simmons the westside barbell book of methods. Sep 07, 20 if you plan to do any serious powerlifting this offseason, youll want to follow some type of program. By attaching bands to the top of the power rack or monolift the total barbell weight can be reduced in the bottom of the lift.

The conjugate method by westside barbell beast blog. Conjugate method for powerlifting explained and why i hate. Believing in the system he introduced the techniques to his club. Combine that with the fact that 100s of power lifting and sport coaches have. I immersed myself in the westside conjugate method as fully as i could.

I squat wide stance with a higher bar position i bench. Likewise, the popularity of the westside barbell program should be credited to the efforts its creator. Is there any westside barbell excel document available. While recovering from my second lower back injury, for which doctors recommended removing two disks, taking off a bone spur, and fusing my vertebrae, with no guarantees, i decided that i had to take a new approach to lifting or disappear like everyone else who lifted in early 1970s. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting program for. Maligned by many and achieving cultlike status by others, the conjugate method was set up by the great louie simmons and his gym westside barbell is known as the worlds strongest gym. Louie simmons westside barbell conjugate training system. Many methods are combined and rotated in the conjugate system. With the westside conjugate method we switch a core barbell exercise each week to avoid accommodation. I prefer to have a systematically set up program, and when i do it myself, i always get doubts thanks in advance. My aim is to compete raw with wraps and i am interested in this method because i can follow it for. The programs principles are borrowing from soviet and bulgarian weightlifting training techniques and ingeniously adapted to powerlifting. Westside principles positively impacted me in a major way, today i share my stories and experiences in applying the philosophy.

Since louie started publishing his articles on his methodologies in power lifting usa back in the 1990s, the methods grew wildly in popularity. At crossfit conjugate, we have formed a marriage between the westside conjugate system and crossfit, to develop the most effective system to produce the strongest, fittest athletes in the world. May 18, 2015 westside barbell is one of the most known gyms in the world, it was founded by the legend louis simmons, the father of the westsidebarbell conjugate systems, a training system derived from the studies of the soviets sport scientists. The conjugate method focuses on developing all aspects of strength at once instead of one type at a time. The conjugate method is a term and methodology made most popular by louie simmons, owner of the westside barbell club and the creator of. Westside barbell book of methods simmons, louie on. However, as chris mason states, if a crossfitter were to adopt the westside conjugate method wholly. In this article i will give a brief outline of the methods used at westside and how to. Along with being one of the most accomplished power lifters of all time, westside barbell founder louie simmons is perhaps even better known for his vast knowledge and innovative, scientific approach to strength training. Training consists of maximum effort work, dynamic work, and repetition work.

Louie simmons when lifters repeatedly use the same simple method of training to raise their. Training correctly the westside barbell conjugate system through endless research, i have determined that a standard amount of training volume is required to just. It is written for all sport programs, male and female. The westside barbell program in its current form was developed by louie simmons, a veteran powerlifter who achieved elite status in five bodyweight classes. Louis has developed and popularized a system of training named after the westside barbell gym, sometimes referred to as the conjugate method. Westside vs the russian conjugate system kabuki strength. Jason has done an amazing job of breaking done implication of the conjugate method amongst tactical populations. Aug 11, 2017 i can assure you though, that there is a method to the madness.

The westside barbell system for sports program guideline is completely based on westside barbell training methods and protocols. Westside barbell made simple mark bell helps translate the westside method for the power project army. Heres a look at three of the most popular workout programs so you can figure out which one would be best for you. The defining difference is what simmons calls the conjugate. He competed in a worldclass level in olympic weightlifting. For those who do not know, westside barbell is a powerlifting gym in columbus, ohio, and is the home. Jan 03, 2016 conjugate programming modified one of the greatest accomplishments ive put under my belt is learning to program for athletes, and do it effectively. Ive heard it 435 different times and it never gets old. Crossfitter were to adopt the westside conjugate method wholly. Excel westside templates powerlifting forums t nation. A users guide and the westside barbell conjugate method.

Eknights modified westside barbell strength workout. Westside barbell, the gym, has produced more multiply world record holders than any other single gym in the history of powerlifting. This subreddit is dedicated to the conjugate method of periodization. Westside barbell club westside barbell club is directed by louie simmons.

The progressive gradual overload system and other incorrect training methods have proven to be inferior to forms of wave periodization, such as the westside barbell conjugate system. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting program. The westsidebarbell conjugate method syatt fitness. Since conjugate periodization was popularized for powerlifting by louie simmons of westside barbell, my first instinct when writing this program was to do what everyone else seems to and call it westside for novices. In part 1 i wrote about the numerous methods that westside uses on dynamic. Simmons calls his method of training the conjugate sequence system, such that it is not a single workout program but a combination.

Simmons best lifts include a 920pound squat, 600 bench press, and a 722 deadlift. Although the main focus of my modified westside program is still to build. The similarities of the westside conjugate system to the one devised by the soviets at the dynamo club are obvious. The westside method, also known as the conjugate method, is a program that is often times misunderstood in the raw powerlifting realm. Raw powerlifting using the westside barbell methods techniques. Ive run westside and applied the methods for about 2 years now. In writing this article i solely aim to provide a reliable source of information which outlines how to use the westsidebarbell conjugate method. Conjugate method used with max effort method, switches up the lift used during max effort every 12 weeks to prevent cns fatigue. The westside barbell philosophy challenges popular beliefs about the wa. In my article the westside barbell conjugate method. Louis simmons born 12 october 1947 is a former american powerlifter and current strength coach. Nov 24, 2016 i dont know if anyone here follows the westside method for powerlifting.

The wide variety of special exercises will perfect form. Mar 31, 2020 in this podcast, louie simmons shares the real history of westside barbell and what impact the original westside barbell club in culver city had on him. Whatever method is employed, there must be some maintenance hypertrophy work included throughout and calories must remain high. Here you can find westside barbell book of methods pdf shared files. The westside barbell conjugate method is one of the only systems that prioritizes recovery on a weekly basis. Westside barbell program spreadsheet spreadsheet collections. I guess im swearing in the church directly translated saying, from norwegian now but do you guys have recommodations on excelspreadsheet programs.

My lab is the weight room and my lab rats are my athletes. Introduction the westside barbell program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach louie simmons. Its tough to do the program properly if you havent actually seen how they do it i. Should the conjugate system and the conjugate method be used interchangeably and is westside conjugate and russian conjugate comparable. To this day, the westside barbell book of methods is one of the most interesting works ive ever read on powerlifting albeit also one of the more. Nov 01, 2011 louie speaking to crossfit on the conjugate system part 1 skip navigation sign in.

My aim is to compete raw with wraps and i am interested in this method because i can follow it for a long time. The conjugate method westside barbell training log week 6. How to incorporate the westside barbell method into your. The westside barbell method, also known as the conjugate method, was developed by louie simmons. Jun 08, 2015 westside may be synonyms with max effort, dynamic effort, repetition effort and a whole host of other special methods but is that what really makes up the conjugate system of training. When training for maximal strength, one must use the three methods of. From training as a twelveyearold in this basement all the way up to the current location of westside barbell. Do you looking for other post about westside barbell book of methods pdf, westside barbell certification, westside barbell club trainingsplan, westside barbell club workout, westside barbell conjugate method. The former soviet union claims to have invented the conjugate method at a club known as the dynamo club. In writing this article i solely aim to provide a reliable source of information which outlines how to use the westside barbell conjugate method this article will not be devoted to explaining the science or methodology behind conjugate method periodization. Westside barbell is a private, invitationonly, elite training facility in columbus, ohio that was.

During those two months, i did nothing but train westside, sleep, eat, and play video games. Jan 03, 2017 likewise, the popularity of the westside barbell program should be credited to the efforts its creator. I didnt bother seeking a job in columbus because i knew that the arrangement was temporary and that i had enough money to cover my time there. The conjugate method, popularized by louie simmons of westside barbell, is a system of training that emphasizes variation in order to avoid the law of accommodation more on that in a moment. Crossfit is constantly varied, making it a form of the conjugate system for endurance. Bulgarian system, where nearmax lifts are performed every workout. The westside barbell template for athletic development.

Download louie simmons the westside barbell book of methods. Jan 01, 2000 if you have a serious interest in strength training, you no doubt know of louie simmons and westside barbell the home gym of some of the strongest men in the world. Arthur jones, and richard simmons marketed them effectively. Westside for skinny bastards, part iii official website of joe. Louie speaking to crossfit on the conjugate system part 1 louie simmons of westside barbell shares tips for success in crossfit and weightlifting episode 68 duration. Using the conjugate method for raw powerlifting rothenberg, jacob on. Westside barbell program spreadsheet is templates for spreadsheet and letters templates.

The westside barbell method follows a fourday split. Whether you are a powerlifter, strongman, other athlete, coach, or academic, feel free to discuss any topics related to conjugate training. Still, the tactics of the wsb method are used regularly by lifters worldwide with admirable results. We hope that you, your staff and your athletes find the information contained helpful and easy to follow. Through using the dynamic effort and repetition methods lifters can improve speed, power, and hypertrophy while simultaneously recovering from the demands of the maximal effort training sessions performed earlier in the week. Simmons programming is commonly referred to as the westside method, after westside barbell, which is simmons gym. I have found plenty for 5x5 and 531 but coming up blank on westside. Conjugate training is a method that brings together all aspects of training at the same time. Westside barbell system presentation weight training. Another option would be to alternate back and forth with three week blocks of each method, i. The conjugate method is a term and methodology made most popular by louie simmons, owner of the westside barbell club and the creator of what has become known as the westside method of training. The system is best known for its guidelines on exercise selection, periodization, and the use of. Westside barbell is an invitation only training facilityliving laboratory pushing the boundaries of athletic performance under the guidance of louie simmons.

This images was upload at november 28, 2018 upload by viviana k in excel spreadsheet. Oct 11, 2012 in my articles the westside barbell conjugate method. Most write it off as only working for geared lifters, and instead turn to other types of programming that emphasize volume and simplicity in exercise selection. Download westside barbell book of methods pdf files. Westside may be synonyms with max effort, dynamic effort, repetition effort and a whole host of other special methods but is that what really makes up the conjugate system of training. The 6 most blatantly misunderstood components of the westside barbell conjugate system. When he left and went to the combine he was only able to rep 225 pounds on the.

Involved in strength training for over 27 years, he is also a strength coach for numerous american football teams. The standard template there is a great story from dave about how the standard template originated. A comprehensive users guide to the westside barbell conjugate method for powerlifting, by worldrecord holder and coach jordan syatt. A football player who isnt concerned about incorporating combine tests. I personally work with many military, leo, and firefighters. Science has proven that training at a 90% or above for 3 weeks will cause physical and mental fatigue. Travis mash has spent decades studying the barbell. Sign up for our email and be the first who know our special offers. He is one of the few people if not the only one to bridge the worlds of powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, and athletic strength and conditioning. Foreward the conjugate system is new hot word when it comes to training systems right now.

Questions on the westside conjugate system im just curious if anyone on here is doing ithas done it and what kind of strength gains did they experience and whats advice that could benefit me going forward. His 4 day split with a task specific day is on point. It took me about 2 months to realize that a traditional split was hard for my fire fighter to accomplish. Dec 14, 2015 westside program is by far the best i have ever used. As we head into 2016, i am personally into the 3rd year of programming for the gyms. As a world renowned lifter himself, he squatted 920lbs after reaching his half century, which we can all agree isnt anyones physical peak. Louies gym westside barbell has become what many people identify as the conjugate system. Maximum effort and dynamic effort workloads on the main lifts are alternated within 72 hours of each other. Before i begin its important for me to clarify what i aim to accomplish through writing this article. This is the most effective method to gain strength continuously throughout the year, with no ridiculous offseason.

I am collecting powerlifting routine spreadsheets for future reference and have failed to find one on wsbb wsbb is a training philosophy not an exact routine like smolov. Westside for skinny bastards a modified lifting program for hardgainers by joe defranco this article originally appeared on. The level 2 builds upon the level 1 certificate course and is designed for any crossfit trainer who wants to refine their coaching skills and acquire a deeper understanding of crossfit methodology and its practical application as a trainer, including program design, lesson planning, and implementation. Conjugate periodization the westside model catalyst. Eknights modified westside barbell strength workout eric knights modified westside barbell workout is beginner friendly and allows for progress without chains and bands. Louie researched into the russian strength training methods and found the conjugate system. Im hoping for something that i can plug my 1rm into and have the numbers laid out for me. Dynamic method accelerating 5060pct of a max as quickly as possible to achieve a greater amount of force fma max effort method using 90pct or more of a max.

Legendary powerlifter louie simmons explains the methods that have brought success and records to westside barbell lifters. This article is written for those out there who want to. Previously, i farmed out the programming and took control back a few years ago. The westside system the system is the conjugate method, which is different from traditional western periodization. The programme was first ran at the dynmo weightlifting club in the soviet union now russia. Box squatting and floor pressing combine two proven methods of strength. Conjugate periodization the westside model catalyst fitness. I read this book wanting to learn more about the westside method, especially since i have recently started competing in powerlifting. Here, we outline what you need to know so you can train this way, too. He is noted for developing the westside conjugate method of training and. The conjugate method also improves spp special physical preparedness e. Apologies if this is already on the forum somewhere i have had a look but cant find it but does anyone know where i can download a spreadsheet for the westside barbell method.

Id like to explain a bit about it, where it came from and how were implementing it at crossfit committed and crossfit committed south. Westside vs the russian conjugate system june 8, 2015. However, the max effort method at least the term has become popular in large part because of louie simmons and westside barbell. Reflections on westside juggernaut training systems. Also known as the westside method because it was devised by louie simmons of westside barbell gym in columbus, ohio, the conjugate. Most training programs have separate phases throughout the training. A comparison of the 3 most popular powerlifting workouts. Conjugate training varies exercise, weight, speed, and volume of exercises, thus avoiding adaptations of the body.

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