Astra a100 slide cracks

See our huge selection of gun parts for sale today. On the other hand, it looks like the back sight is dovetailed into the slide which means that it can be taken out and replaced with a modern sight of. By grasping the striations about the midpoint of the exposed. The a80 was originally patterned after the sig p220. The astra a90 pistol appeared in 1985 as an improvement over the a80 in terms of safety. Other than that, the astra a100 works a great deal like a sig. The a100 design is a further development of astras earlier a80 and a90 models. Despite the fact that the gulfstream 100s cabin size classifies it. Now you rotate the barrel counterclockwise about 14 turn. Find out more about many of our astra accessories down the page. Astra pistol model 600 9mm firing pin assembly nos. Reengineered in 1993, incorporating increased magazine capacity. That sounds a little bit high to me, but i dont know a thing about this gun, except for the fact that i like it. Nice early ww2 1911a1 slide from the first production runs made by ithaca.

Opticsplanet is one of the largest blackhawk sellers on earth we carry every blackhawk astra a100 holster that is still being manufactured. After taking it apart and examining it, its spring has been warped pretty bad, though it functions just as good as the other while shooting, and locks the slide back on the last round, but doesnt do it by hand cycling unless you slam the slide back while simulating recoil. Factory astra firearms magazine a80 a90 a100 45acp 9 round blued. As you especially want art on hotbird, check it is ok with the monoblock skewed correctly for astra 1 as above. Another curious difference is the location of the take down lever on the opposite side from where sig puts it. It was very accurate, shooting with my pals similar us made revolvers and it really took a licking. The left side of the slide is marked astra, unceta y compania s. Browse all new and used astra pistols for sale and buy with confidence from guns international. Opticsplanet sells an excellent collection of accessories for astra handguns including holsters, lights, grips, laser sights, night sights and more. Astra 400 service pistol, a great collectible squirt gun. You initiate stripping by racking the slide to the rear to lock, and remove the magazine. I dont have a wide range of guns to compare, but collectively we do. My astra is chambered in 45acp and the grip is actually a bit slimmer than a p228 or p226. Just occured to me that both of the astra 400s ive handled with cracked frames and or slides were from the early 1920s.

We have a wide array of firearms parts, accessories, and more. Astra a100 9mm 17rd factory new magazine 9mm luger. Traditional double action semiautomatic with removable magazine markings. Astra was producing pistol models only from the 20s for nearly 40 years. Astra a70 9mm firearms talk the community for owners. Beech, a100, 7900, hose, 62400040310, cracked, 20171002012.

Look on the left side of the slide the side with the ejection port and youll see a vertical witness line, match that up with the corresponding line on the frame and stop there. A slightly reduced version of the astra slide which we would refer to as the wave or bumpy slide. Unlike sig, this is a double stack 45acp in a compact size. The astra a80 is a doubleaction, semiautomatic pistol at one time produced in spain by astraunceta y cia sa. If youre in the market for a blackhawk astra a100 holster, youve reached the best place. During its reign as the primary sidearm of spanish military forces, it got a decent reputation for being a reliable combat pistol. Shop for astra model a100 pistol parts with numrich gun parts. If there is a specific holster by blackhawk or any other astra a. These are well made, reliable, and very solid handguns. The gun operates like a sig and field strips the same way, except the take down lever is on the opposite side.

They dont look the part, but theyre almost as fast into action as the colt browning m1911, safer in some respects than the glocks and adequately powered by common military and police standards. This is a spanish made clone of the sig sauer p228 in 9mm. Astra a100 45 acp sights the cheapest way is probably to get phosphoric or similar light emitting paint and fill the little holes in the back sight as well as paint the front sight with it. Here is a beautiful astra constable ii walther ppk style semiauto pistol chambered in. From there you draw the slide back about 23 of the way. Chambered in 9mm, the standard magazine capacity is 17 rounds which makes it a very well balanced pistol for traveling into parts unknown. With time it was found that the aluminum frame developed cracks in the most. The astra a100 was produced for use by the spanish military. Being very similar to a80 in all other aspects, the a90 featured twopiece firing pin with firing pin safety that locks frontal part of the pin, plus ambidextrous, slide mounted manual safety, that, when engaged, removed the rear part of the firing pin. Additionally, you can view the astra holsters page for other astra a100 holsters we may carry. Slacken the lnb collar and rotate the monoblock until the left hand portion is at about 10 oclock then finely adjust this skew for best reception on astra 1.

The astra model 1921 400 and its close cousins, the 300 and the 60043, are among the best of 20th century combat handguns. The astra 300 was procured in the calibers 7,65 mm and 9 mm short by the wehrmacht in france. Holding the pistol grip grasp the serrations on the slide with your other hand and pull the slide rearward until it cannot travel any further, re lease the slide and allow it to go for ward in to the closed position. A returned order resulting from failure to provide the proper information example. Early p4 pistols were actually made using p38 components, including slides, and. The one con i do have is one of my magazines has a weak spring. The pistols safety features include a manual decocking lever, firing pin block, and hammer safety, but no external manual safety. Wolff for astra 400 9mm standard recoil firing spring 24017.

If there is any astra accessory that you cannot find here, you may find it by doing a search or contacting us to find out if we have it in stock. The speer reloading manual actually mentions that when they developed loads for the 9mm largo some of the astra 400s they used in testing came directly from importers with cracked frames so i know. For what its worth, i had an a100 and eventually traded it away. Long time lurker, and i dont hink i have ever posted in this forum, so dont tblast me if this is the wrong place, please. The astra a100 first appeared in 1990 was an attempt to simplify the a90 design while retaining the high level of operational safety. Locked breech design with improved browningstyle linkless locking. Gulfstream g100 specifications, cabin dimensions, speed. I have one in 9mm that has a very tired slide return spring. The design is similar to the sig sauer p220 and features a decocking lever. The gulfstream g100, formerly known as the astra spx, is an israel aircraft industries iai manufactured twinengine midsized business jet, now produced for gulfstream aerospace corp. Finally picked up an astra a100 for the collection. Only the 9 mm variation has an german military acceptance stamp.

There is a speculation, that all astra 300 were delivered to the luftwaffe. Astra pistols 300, 400 and 600, safety tips hubpages. I really like these pistols i like the full size steel frame pistol. The pistol is matt blue with steel frame and slide, and a 3.

This pistol uses the sig sauer design, but has a steel frame. The listing of their names is not intended to represent an endorsement by the manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries nor is it meant to represent an endorsement of the firearmbrand by eaa corp ussg. This beauty hardly has any wear on it and looks near mint in the original box. The a100 is also known as the panther as imported into the united states by eaa, and some specimens have this rollmarked on the left of the slide. Astra a100 17 round 9mm magazines i have 3 17 round mags for sell or trade. Contact this ad is no longer active status not open for further replies. Made to the same specifications s the magazines that came with your gun. The ergos are very good and the two way decocking system is great, though letting the hammer down slowly is not considered a safe way of doing it, you still have the option. The manual safety had been removed and the operational procedures are similar to those of the a80 pistol. The frame has a decocker, and slide release on the left side, and a slide takedown on the right. Uc this listing is for 1 factory new astra a100 magazine.

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